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Presentación del plantel docente

Miss María Elisa Torres Mora

Miss Romina Freire Fuenzalida

Mister Francisco Loyola Díaz

Mister Francisco Loyola is the Head teacher of 10th grade, our older students. Also, allof your Spanish students are very pleased and happy to have you as a teacher, because of your knowledge and dedication. Let’s keep on growing up together, Mister Francisco!

Miss María José Martínez González

Miss María José Martínez is the Academic Coordinator of our Instituto Railef. Her duty is to support teachers in their decision-making, regarding teaching our children and adolescents. Let’s go forward!

Miss Agustina Rivadeneira

Welcome Miss Agustina!
Agustina Rivadeneira is the Head Teacher of 3rd grade. We are happy to have you teaching our younger students with your lovely energy

Miss Valentina González Martínez

Miss Natalia Foncea Avendaño

Miss Natalia Foncea is the Coordinator of the English Department and Head Teacher of 7th grade. We are proud of having you in our School and count on your experience and knowledge. Thank you, Miss Naty!

Miss María Paz

Miss Antonia Guajardo

Miss Jessica Uribe

Welcome to 5th grade, Miss Jessica!
Jessica Uribe is the Head Teacher of 5th grade and our Math teacher. We are sure that your fantastic personality will help you accomplish every goal you have. Let’s move forward!